Marine Debris

Marine Debris

Marine debris, or marine litter, which means the human-created waste ends up in the ocean. Some marine debris go down to the ocean bottom, but most of them float on the ocean’s surface, some of them back to the coast, or gather even become a huge island–a rubbish island. Marine debris is breaking the ocean ecosystem!

You can find almost any kind of waste in the ocean, but the major and typical marine debris is plastic. Plastics can’t be easily resolved, so numerous plastics float on the ocean’s surface, block the sunlight, affect the survival of marine plants, and ultimately affect the ocean ecosystem. That is not all, plastic can be very harmful for any life. But some fish or other animals may eat microplastic by mistake, causing plastic to enter the ocean food chain, gather in animals’ body, then affect more and more life.

So what we can do to save the ocean? Clean marine debris? It must be an important thing to do, but the ocean is so broad that the clean work would be pretty pretty difficult, and maybe the speed of clean is pretty much slower than the pollution. So most governments and international organizations focus on how to evit continuing to pollute the ocean environment. Maybe that sounds a little upset and frustrated, because we can do almost nothing to solve the existing environmental problem, and everybody knows that the pollution is still ongoing.



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