Vehicle Emission

Vehicle Emission

The new data show that the average car emissions keep increasing in 2019.The traditional car which is powered by fossil fuel has the most contribution in this data.Vehicle emission has become one of  most polluted atmosphere environment event happened everywhere in the word.It affects the health of life and the earth’s future environment. Now the question is how it happen and how to solve it.

For traditional cars,there are two types of emissions affect environment.The first is greenhouse gas,because of the fossil fuel,the traditional cars emit much greenhouse gas such as dioxide, nitrous oxide and so on,which case the greenhouse effect and climate change.The second is air pollutant emissions,such as carbon monoxide,nitrogen oxides,particulate matter,volatile organic compounds and benzene,traditional car can emit almost all of them! Although the emission of a single car is small,with the number of cats crazily increasing, the total emissions are oversize! So how to decrease vehicle emission?

In technology,there are two way to decrease the vehicle emission: make traditional car more efficient or change the fuel, actually improve efficiency is very difficult or even impossible, so explore a new clear fuel almost the only way to solve the problem.Electric vehicle is one of most popular alternative fuel vehicle.As its name,it powered by electricity,which is a widely accepted clear power,electric vehicle reduces many emissions and provide new function to user such as autonomous.That sounds a good future for car and there are many companies such as Tesla and NIO have exploited the next generation car.

In policy, there seems to be an easy way that just limits the number of cars.We know when the total number of cars decline,the emission will apparently decrease. But it can’t simply  be implemented.Because of the needing of development,it is not easy to decline the number of cars existing,but we can limit its growth by policy:limit the purchase of new cars; replace those old and low efficient cars; encourage people to Green Travel such as bicycle and bus.For long time and continuous development(Sustainable development),we must found an balance between the social economy development and the earth environment’s ability.  

Actually, not only about emission, there are many other environmental problems about vehicles,such as how to deal and recycle the scrapped cars; how to solve the destruction of roads to the ecosystem;the vehicle’s noise affection to life…


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